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  • Assorted Colours
  • 4-7

Extra long welt with pique structure for an excellent soft grip with very mild compression to allow free circulation and prevent sliding

High cotton content for superior comfort and dryness

Anti-Bacterial wash to prevent the growth of inhibit infections and foot odour

Machine linked toe to reduce pressure and enhance comfort


Diabetes suffers often have multiple problems with their feet, caused by poor circulation. Symptoms include de-sensitisation, swelling, foot sores, which go hand in hand with a high risk of infection. These Ultimate Circulation Socks are specially engineered to minimise the discomfort of the above symptoms.


Mr Sox Label - Engineered performance socks with a guarantee of excellence

Only a few specialist socks pass the Mr Sox seal of approval, ensuring that when you buy them with the full confidence that these socks meet the ultimate requirements of Quality, Comfort, Performance and Value For Money!



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97% cotton

3 % elastane

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